Abinger Pageants

Several pageants have been held in Abinger over the years.


This pageant was held on Abinger Roughs and is believed to have been organised by Jack Ledward.



The 1934 production, a pageant to raise funds for the local parish of St James’, was held at the Old Rectory, written by E M Forster with music composed and arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams. In the accompanying programme, it was described by EM Forster to “show continuity of country life”. It featured local landmarks and contained characters acted out by local people. Vaughan Williams composed the anthem “O How Amiable” for the occasion, dedicated to Dame Frances Farrer. Original facsimile here.

More from “The Redress of the Past: Historical Pageants in Britain“.


Victorian Family

The 7th July 1952 production was a “Pageant of Sports” in aid of re-building Abinger Church after destruction by enemy action. See the original programme here.


Pageant of the Holy Trinity, 19th and 20th December 1954. Devised by Tom Harrison. Programme here
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