St James' Church - Abinger Kerosene Syndicate

Abinger Kerosene Syndicate

The idea is that village residents bulk buy heating oil so as to reduce costs; we make a saving of approximately 22p per litre and hopefully reduce the carbon footprint by encouraging the Oil Company to route one full tanker of Kerosene to our area.

The Syndicate embraces all the Abingers, of course, but also Coldharbour and Holmbury St Mary. So far there are about 40 members and we welcome many more.

Membership is free, and to join is very straightforward: simply pick up a Joining Form together with explanatory letter from either Annie at our local shop in Abinger Hammer or from the doorstep of No 2 Evelyn Cottages, Abinger Common. Fill in the form and return it to us - all instructions are on the form.

We ask that you let us have your order by 1st Monday of the month, and the oil will be with you on or before the 3rd week of that month.

The orders are collated by Mandy Woods and the orders are placed by David Cole, once he has phoned Oil Companies to negotiate the best price.

The Oil Company phones you to ask for prepayment if you are not an existing customer, so David and I have nothing to do with the money side of things.

It would be great to have more members so do pick up a form and read about it all in more detail so you can join too!

...and Chimneys

There is a village Chimney Sweeping Day , organised by Sonia Babister (Tel: 01306 730767) with a local chimney sweep. This usually takes place in September.